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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wash or Cut that Man Right out of your Hair!

Ok, I know we haven't posted in like a couple of days, but we have jobs and if we don't make that paper, we will have to blog from the library in between hoeing on the corner! So I, Peaches, promise to post at least one post a day starting with this sexiness. Omarion or "Oh, My Turn On" as I call him, has done what other already fine ass entertainers has done and cut the locks. But only Omarion had to make it diva and make a video and use it as promotion for his new album. I would hate, but he is looking too cute and fire and now grown enough to get on that. But we all know the real reason he did this, to get back at Bow Wow and show him that fine ass "Good Good" he won't be getting anymore and you know Bow Wow is somewhere "rubbing it out" to this video. Don't act like you don't know!

Posted By: Peaches!