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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hottie of the Moment: Keston!!

Ok, funny story and I know you may not believe but here goes! I was actually going to do a post on the crazy FUCK UP that the USA Olympic Track and Field Team managed to hand off to us twice back to back in the same way (or in their case, NOT HAND OFF THE DAMN BATON!!) Click here for more info on that hot mess!
Anyway, as I was trying to search for pictures to post, I remember the cameras coming across a fine chocolate runner named Keston or Kreston (didnt catch the last name cuz I was too busy looking at his features in his bright red track suit) and thought he was running with our team. I typed in the name and got this fine chocolateness instead. Now!, I don't now if this is the same guy or not (again the name and the face slipped my mind as I was trying to use X-ray vision on his track suit) but I had to post this hottie while I had the chance. SO THIS POST WAS NOT MY INTENTIONAL GOAL, but it definitely doesn't hurt to have him grace our page. His website and myspace page are in the picture. And to answer his question, i would attempt a hot sweaty honey covered threesome with him and Peaches while on white silk sheets with Janet playing in the background if I know I couldn't fail! AND I AM THROUGH!
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