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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sins of the Father, Burden of the Daughter!

Yes I am up this late, but it is because of PBS (I told you I am a PBS whore!) and POV movie called "Inheritance". In case you haven't seen or watched the trailer above, its about a women who grew up with the image of her father as a hero who died in WWII. But the truth is he was a blood hungry Nazi General who killed thousands and made one Jewish girl life a living hell. The documentary follows Nazi General Amon Goeth's daughter as she discovers the truth of her father and visits the concentration camp and his former home with the women who once lived in fear as his servant. It is a powerful movie and the tears were flowing like waterfalls. You think you know everything about the Holocaust, but until you see it through the eyes of someone who father was a major player and how the affects and nightmares didn't end with D-Day. I beg everyone to check their listings @ PBS and see when this comes on and watch it.

Posted By: Peaches!