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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hump Day Hump Movie: Living Out Loud!

It has to be faith or just that fine ass deserves a double take, but last night after an exciting night (see previous posts) I was watching FX and they were showing "Living Out Loud". I have never even heard of this movie before last night and it was good until I saw the above scene and it became epic!! I couldn't even handle it! There was no nudity, but the sheer hotness of Eddie Cibrian in those tighty & righties and bulging in the right places and don't get me started on that ass!!! Lord of Mercy!! Anyways, after that scene and and a little bit more all the excitement of that and the day knocked me out and I fell asleep without even finding out the name of the movie. Well zoom to this afternoon (yes, I ain't got no where to be until tonight!) when I woke up and I turn on my TV, what do you think was on...THAT ASS again! Right on that scene, giving me an afternoon delight! Plus I got to finish the movie (Which I am loving that Lesbian club dance scene and don't think I didn't notice how at home Queen Latifah looked...Huh! What?) and find out the name so I can get it to enjoy over and over! This is one time that I am glad cable channels repeat!

Posted By: Peaches!

Side Note: Eddie Cibrian needs to stop with that hotness! I mean its too much to handle unannounced. In "But I am a Cheerleader" that lawn scene had me and Skittles crying for mercy. Even on Sunset Beach (Hell yeah I remember that soap and was pissed when they canceled it until I saw the replacement, Passions!) yes they were on a beach, but he would pop up half nude at a funeral, making it hard to fake (at the time) that it was not turning me on watching it with my mom! So do us a favor Eddie and do some gay or str8 or fcuk lesbian porn, just something so we can get all that hotness nude and working it, to get it out of our system so we can live normal lives!