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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just Let'Em Know - Dedicated to YOU

I saw a post the other day on (click here for the post) and while that situation was very different from mine, the common denominator was the same. When someone you really care about blatantly turns face on you or just stops calling you, IT HURTS! But even with that happening, if you knew WHY they were being that way, it would make it easier to deal with! So why do so-called friends or lovers do it?? Maybe you feel it makes us suffer for doing you wrong? Maybe you can't handle facing us because you might be the guilty one? Maybe someone told you that shutting us out completely was the right thing to do? Maybe it's all or none of those things, but "maybe?" is the only question have can come up with since you weren't man/woman enough to speak up! I mean, it can't be easy for you either know that you just left someone behind like that! WHAT KIND OF PERSON DOES THAT MAKE YOU?? You wouldn't want someone treating you like less of a person or you weren't worth the truth!!! I feel that even if you think you're right or wrong and that you feel it best to separate, JUST LET'EM KNOW!! Even if we don't agree, you have cleared your air so we can finally start to clear ours. You may not know it but the longer you wait for the courage to finally say something, we just build our questions up which leads to assumptions which lead to anger and then you have no chance because once a good friend has gone bad, they're gone forever! (HAHAHA!) But seriously, 09 is just days away so if there is one person that doesn't know how you feel, LET THEM KNOW NOW. Don't start off next year having someone you left wondering what happened, STILL WONDERING! Thanks to Adam Benjamin Irby for feeling the same common denominator as I do and bringing that to your readers attention.

Posted by Skittles