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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hooters, Ave Q, Blackwell, and Gayness!

OMG!! I don't know where to start... I guess from the beginning would be best! So Peaches and I had dinner at HOOTERS (get the Teriyaki Wings cuz they are the shit!) and we had a playful dispute on how to mess with the obviously drunk women at the bar and how to cause a scene between them so we could skip on the bill! Unfortunately he decided not to go through with it and I eventually paid the bill! **Hold on, fine guy on TV and I cant look away except to type this** I don't think it would have worked anyway because one of them was so busy trying to dry hump the guy she was with while the other was "pussy blocking" to the core!

Now, we move to the Times Union Center to attend the opening night of AVENUE Q (click name for website)! It was hilarious and a lot more "adult based" than I thought it would be. It was as Peaches says, a very adult sesame street for the non-offensive type" and I hope I said that right. With songs like "If You Were Gay", "Everyone Is A Little Bit Racist", and "You Can Be as Loud As You Want [When You're Making Love]", you can only image how the show plays out! DEFINITELY A MUST SEE MUSICAL!!! We sat really close as you see in one of the above pictures

Now we move to a side but golden moment of the night! Guess who was siting right behind us and a little to the right with his (quote - unqoute and not cute by the way) fish or hagetha!!!??? Our own First Coast News anchorman hottie VICTOR BLACKWELL, we'll at least we think he is hot! But, sorry to burst your bubble ladies and some gents on Mr.VB cuz this hottie HAS NO ASS or it just wasn't looking right in those pants he was wearing. But to lift your spirits, he has a nice full frontal package that accidentally grazed across my shoulder as he slid behind me to his seat, NO LIE and it was kinda nice. So in short, you had a nice front VB but you may need to stay behind the news desk booboo!!!
While we are on the subject of hotness and gayness, there was a lot of it at the show! Some men with their hagethas (Peaches new word for a gay man's best girl friend), some cute gay couples, a few sexy "asses for days" couples, some guys with their wife while secretly scouting for other guys, and just some good old fashioned gay dad taking their sons or vise versa!!!!! Also, we might have been two of maybe 20 black people there! What's that about?????

It was a really good night!


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