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Monday, December 22, 2008

Give That Chick A Hand???

That is my question for today!! I heard the song of the same title from my girl Mya the other day and it had me thinking.... If your man/woman cheated on you with someone else, who you give that person a hand (meaning you would give that person props for winning him/her over??) These days, the person that was cheated on wants to fight the one that their partner cheated with but shouldn't they actually be congratulating them or maybe even giving their partner the beat down?? I have to agree that if someone else had the ability to take my man and succeed, then I would feel like they deserved each other. I mean, apparently the skank had something I didn't and why would I deny them the chance to take my cheating boyfriend. If he loved me enough then he wouldn't be with anyone else. If you want to be out of the relationship, let me know before you cheat on me!! I feel that if others have to scheme and plan to take your lover away, then they have their own problems and he will have to deal with that since he left you for that hot mess ok? And then why beat that home wrecker down when your man will be long overdue for a good stabbing for hurting you?? HAHAHA but seriously don't stab cuz that might kill him, BEAT HIM WITH A BAG OF ORANGES!! So, I say give that ho props for showing you first hand that your man was worthless to begin with, maybe even ask her what she did to turn his/her head!! Might as well get some tips from the bitch!! Tell me what you guys think...Would you give a chick a hand or just smack the heffa???
Here the song below!

Give a Chick a Hand (FNH Baby!) - Mya

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