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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Words to 08 and for 09!

With 2 day left before the New Year, I feel it is necessary to get this off my chest! I have always felt that with each new year that we are blessed to experience, we all should try to make it better than the last. Being that 2008 has not been a good year to me and many others, I pray that this upcoming year will bring us some kind of happiness in all aspects of our lives or at least meets us halfway! Now, don't get me wrong, I am still eternally grateful for the things I have and lessons I have learned because it could always be worse. A lot of us have been emotionally beaten up, financially stripped down, physically worn out, and spiritually crushed at least once with all the problems of the world. All we've been hearing this year is "drama, bullshit, and hate" but right behind it someone says "Change is coming!". BUT WHEN???? It's so hard to keep our heads up and our eyes on the prize when the future looks to dim to see where we're going! The world and everyone in it may not ever get to be in perfect harmony, but I feel in my heart that next year is gonna be our time to shine. All the blessing that we somehow missed are finally coming back to us. All the hard lessons and mistakes we had to learn from are going to pay off. All the setbacks and bad situations we had to endure are gonna show us their rewards.
**So to 08, thanks for the all the heartache and pain you put us through, thanks for all the tears and sorrow we experienced, thanks for the broken dreams and broken promises we received, thanks for the break-ups and mess-ups we had to deal with, and thanks for the crushed feelings and sadness that consumed us. We will take those hardships and start anew tomorrow! But it wasn't all bad, I have to thank you for all the blessings and many miracles that helped me through, all the friends and family that listened to me complain about you, and for being a year the will go down in history because the first black man was elected President of the United States.**
**Here's to you 09!, I not going to say that you will bring unparalleled happiness but I am hoping it get 50% better for us. I believe in you and what you will bring for the next 365! Please be good to my family and friends as well as everyone else's. We ARE LOOKING TO YOU TO FIND OUR JOY!!**

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