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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

McFcukin Nuggets!

Why are McNuggets so Hot? I mean Wendy's Nuggets are soo much better tasting and a hell of alot cheaper. Zaxby's Strips are filling and great and even Chick-fil-A maybe more, but they satisfy as well; especially with their sauces. But I will still crave a McNugget before any of them any day. I thought, maybe it's because I grow up with them, they are engraved in my mind, but as a kid I loved KFC tenders and that would be all I eat until they stop making them in the day (I know they make them again, but he KFC boat for me has sailed!). So why do we crave them (Even at this moment...DAMN!)? Well only thing I can think is...CRACK! That's the only reason I know that when I am poor as hell that I would endure waiting in a drive thru or line for 30 minutes at least, deal with ghetto chicks who don't understand English, dropping $5 or more in cash because their credit machine ain't working, wait an additional 15 minutes for the sweet & sour sauce that I asked for 45 minutes and 20 times before, when I could have went to Wendy's, Chick-fil-A, or Zaxby's for better and cheaper nuggets, but no I want my McNuggets! It has to be crack to explain this:

Me and Peaches love some McNuggets, but I am not ready to McLove to them like Keith "Got Me Twisted" Sweat McD ad for the 25th Anniversary of the McNuggets!

Posted By: Peaches!