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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Night at the Casbah!

So tonight me and Skittles enjoyed a great night out with friends at The Casbah. Well at first I didn't go, because I was just getting off work at 10pm (I know I work late!!!) and I was drained. But a good friend of ours best friend was visiting from out of town and she never had a hookah and would be leaving tomorrow. So I had to introduce her to me and Skittles spot! We usually go on Sunday's because the crowd isn't a large and if you are familiar with the Casbah, you know it can get packed. Little did we know that Monday nigh was a packed night too, but we got a table and Skittles and I tore up some stuffed grape leaves(I ate those, Skittles weren't feeling them to much), chicken salad, and fries (which in our opinion is fried crack!). We ordered a grape(so black!) and pineapple hookah, since we had so many of the others to try something new. Note to those out there, grape was the ish and pineapple was okay at first, but near the end was tight. Also, do not try both at the same time like me, cause the two do not play well together. Anyway, the finest was on lock tonight, and eye candy was at every turn! Plus who would make an appearance but our favorite FCN hottie Victor Blackwell. I swear he is stalking us, but he can stalk us any day, in fact Victor if you read this, don't be scared to say hello, we don't bite(unless you like that!!)! The night was great and there was so many hilarious moments from people trying us with the heaters to stores possibly missing Christmas tree ornaments(I'm just saying...LOL!). If you never been to the Casbah, what is your problem?! Go, but not on Sunday, that's our day!

Posted By: Peaches!