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Monday, July 21, 2008

What A Hot...Mind!

Yes I am a PBS Queen, but why shouldn't I, if you don't know whats around you then you don't know where you're going. Not only did PBS introduce me to Seseame Street, Doctor Who, Degrassi, British Comedy, and what it is to be different sexually and how its fine. It also introduced me to some moving and beautiful stories of people miles away and next door that lets you realize either how good you have it or how your life sucks. One of my goals for this blog is to not only share me and Skittles view of the world, but to help expand your mind so you can understand where we come from. Well today I watched a film that made me pissed, excitied, proud, sad, happy, and disappointed. Its called AfroPoP: Being Pavarotti and the story is about a group of South African boys who got introduced to Opera and sing it like pros in the streets, but the town police literally arrest them and beat them because few of the white tourist of the town complained. Its a powerful story and it makes me think where is the American black kids singing Opera. I work with young kids everyday and all they want to sing is T Pain or Lil Wayne and even if I encourage them to learn something new and better, their parents (some no older than the children!) think it soo cute to hear their 8 year old singing Lollipop. These kids in South African can sing anything, but they choose Opera and their family supports them, even if it means they will be arrested. So I encourage everyone, instead of watching another person on youtube dropping it like its hot to some souljia boy, click on the picture above and take a hour and expand your mind and your understanding of the world.

Posted By: Peaches!