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Monday, July 14, 2008

Fierocia of the Moment: Miss Bootyiverse 2008!

I know this is late and everyone and their mama is talking about this:

But I am not talking about that. I talking about how booty the 2008 Miss Universe pageant was. How do you have the most beautiful women in the world and you crown the alright looking one. And not only that, but the finest and the most well spoken of the final 5 were the ones in last place. These are the women who should have placed:

2nd Runner Up: Miss Japan!
I am sorry but this fine Asian delight have to have some sista in her.She gives me that blackinese vibe that is soo sexy.
1st Runner Up: Miss Mexico!
Not only was she the finest of the Latinas represented, she gave one of the best answers to the final question and that Britney toxic and Beyonce album inspired dress was fierce sexy to than end.

Miss Universe 2008: Miss USA!
Not because she is the home team representative or because she is representing the fine ass sistas of the USA. Not only did she fall and bounced right back like a robotic Beyonce, her nation costume was the fiercest hot tranny sexy mess that the reason for the late post was I was scanning the world wide web for a photo of it.
I want to know who were the drag queens who designed that outfit, cause no straight man or women had the creative to turn out at sparkling snowflake or star outfit. When she unfolded that fierceness, I had to drop from the pure diva of it! And for just that, she deserved that damn crown. So Miss USA, be fuckfree from all the negative chatter out there and hold your fine ass head up, cause Miss Universe could handle your fierceness!!

Posted By: Peaches