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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Either Your in or Auf'd!

The reality show or all shows, is back (for the last time on Bravo, on that next time!) and the show that launched Fierce Christian on the world is trying it again for a fifth time. Even though I don't have an opinion on all the contestants yet, except Blayne looks like he is one snort away from an overdose, I do have an opinion on their first challenge. Sorry if you haven't watched it yet (Bravo is probably on its 50th repeat at the moment!) but the first challenge was a tribute to the very first challenge on Project Runway and the contestants had to make a dress out items they found in a grocery store. Well mostly everyone took the easy way out and bought tablecloths, which fierocia Tim Gunn was not having and had to lay a "Make it Work" on their lazy asses. Well of all the designs, Korto, even though it is a tablecloth with a collar of lettuce and tomatoes and wasn't the winner, it was still fierce hotness to me. And if I needed a diva summer dress and a light snack, I will be rocking the hell out of it.

But Jerry psycho killer uniform, deserved to be auf'd and should be burned in the street. Also his ass dared to act like he did so much on it, Miss Honey you had that poor child on international TV with a purple tissue paper dress wrapped in a shower curtain and rubber gloves, looking like booboo the fool!

They betta bring it next Wednesday, cause this is Project Runway and in the words of Tim Gunn "Don't Bore Nina!"

Posted By: Peaches!