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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fierocia of the Moment: Nas!

I heard Nas song about Fox News, "Sly Fox", and heard he planned to protest them for all their racist shit. Well he actually wasn't all talk and today him and political groups Color of Change and Move On collected 620, 127 signatures of support (If I knew, I would have been 620, 128!). They brought the signatures and other protesters to Fox News and of course Fox didn't accept the signatures and mostly likely had a report about how violent the protesters were and all the pure white women who were raped and ravaged by the out of their place Negroes. I am soo happy to see other people who feel like me, that Fox News needs to be brought to task for their bullshit and congratulations to Nas who not only talked the talk (more like rapped the rap!), but walked the walk in front of those bitches.

Posted By: Peaches