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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Male White Chocolate: Music Edition!

You see them everywhere, BET, Vibe, and Summer Jamz with their sexy R&B songs making all the sistas (and Brothas!) hot. Am I talking about Usher, Neyo, or Omarion? Am talking about their blue eyed twins. What is going on with R&B today? They have the hottest producers, the hottest beats, and sold out albums and tours worldwide and yet D'Angelo and Ginuwine out looking like hot tranny messes that aren't not apologizing for it. Who is the blue eyed soul R&B family that is trying to take our Sexual Chocolate Thunder:

The Grandfather Michael McDonald

The elder that started the "That can't be a white guy singing!" who not only broke through and let the world know that white men have soul too, but actually was the first person, black or white, to do a duet with Patti and still be heard on the track.

The Father Robin Thicke

Taking the lessons from McDonald, Robin took it to the next level. Not only does he make the sistas (and brothas!) swoon with a Neptunes beat, but he have one of the finest sistas as his wife.

The Son Justin Timberlake

After dominating the world of boy bands that in their wake wiped away Boyz 2 Men and Blackstreet, Justin, after getting a taste of BET with Nelly, got with the Neptunes and wiped Usher from his throne. Now he got Timbo so sprung, he dropped Ginuwine and Missy like his once original beats (remember when he could make you drop it like its hot to the sounds of a baby laughing on the floor in Walmart!) and so sweet on Justin that even the steroids (you know his big ass couldn't get cut in a week on his own!) in his veins are hard for him.

The Grandson Jesse McCartney

In the world on blue eyed soul, the moment you rest from the game, someone else is on the side working with the Neptunes waiting to shine. That is where Jesse comes in. He already has the white girls drooling with both TV and one album, but after that "Shes No You" Neptune remix burned like fire, he discovered the blue eye soul world. Now he is prepping to make a new generation of sistas (and brothas!) hungry for some white chocolate!

Posted By: Peaches!