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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Why" and "Oh My" Moment!!

"OH MY!" when did Usher get so HUGE! I always felt a little turned off from him but there was always a chance of me wanting to get in those pants, but I am strangely turned on by this revolution that is happening right before my eyes in those leather britches (pants for those that don't know) and I may have to fully give in and cut his wife to have him to myself! This very grab that happened during his Nigeria performance caused a riot in the crowd and needed police to calm them down. Rather good or bad, it got a major reaction, and that my friends is good enough for me. Let's just make this the year for grabbing yo package, it may even make a few feel so much better (depending on how long you grab!)

"WHY" does Grace Jones look like the poster woman for the black crayon (like the color black and the color blacker had sex and popped her out) She must have lost a battle with a oil rig or something!? Anyway, I hear she is bringing black back.....I mean she is back out with new material. I wonder who told her she needed to grace us again with something weird and dark and crazy (basically her in three words) and indeed put it in music and video form! Well she did and good for the blog, I couldnt get it to show up on the post so you will have to click the links to see them. Its a good thing too because I'm scared that some voodoo curse from the darkest pits of Africa (that's where she is from you know) will burn and destory the page if I put anymore of her on here! Take Caution!

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