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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

HollaBack in da day Music!

I was just having a reminisce moment and wanted to share some of the videos that came to my mind to search for while I was on youtube. These are some serious throwback slash where are they now videos! Ahhh the 90's were so 8-9 years ago and these were just some of the jams you or I used to bump in middle school or high school for some!

Tatyana Ali - Boy You Knock Me Out

We all remember her from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air but she finally came out of her shell and on to the music scene in da 90's. Eventhough she did make it to diva status, you still have to admit you used to groove to this.

Billy Lawrence - Come On

Not a lot of people know her but she came out with a few (like 4) albums and did a lot of cameos on other songs. This was probably her biggest song but you still can pop it to this. Watch for McLyte in the video.

Mokenstef - He's Mine

All the girls were singing this and most of them didn't even have a man or couldn't relate but it still was that off the chain slow jam that was played at all the school dances. And what kinda name is Mokenstef????

Next - Too Close

I think this is in the 90's (if not, it is going on here anyway!) cuz it makes me think of those high school boys! By the way, i hope RL is still fine!!

H-Town - Knockin Boots

Sexy old school love making song! Enough Said!

Tevin Campbell - Come Back To The World

Yes this boy or flaming queen had pipes even when he was a young gay man in the hood! I don't know that for sure but either way, you know you secretly enjoyed his songs. This one wasn't his best but you can still rock back and forth to it!

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