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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speaking of Jags: Sit Your Ass Down Somewhere Jimmy Smith!

This fuckary almost ruined my night. Former Jag and "former" crack head Jimmy Smith, was rearrested for drug use. For those who remember Jimmy Smith was arrested in 2001 for a DUI stop and was found with weed and later admitted to be on coke. After serious crying and "I have changed" speeches, he got back on my good side and retired in 2006. Now his ass was pulled over on Golfair aka Ghetto Ave for 1. Dark ass window tint (know your ass isn't up to no good), 2. Had a suspended license(If you riding a 09 Benz, have your ID or driver on lock), 3. Burnt joint(Everyone knows you shallow that shit or flick it), and 4. Business card with coke on it(If your dealer has business cards, you need to stop)! What the hell is wrong with you Jimmy, you was one of the few Jags who could play and after your first arrest fought hard to gain your fans again. Now you just throw it away on Golfair. You should be the host on some ESPN show working on your Hall of Fame speech, but no you needed to hit of Golfair and pick up some bizness cards! I am done Jimmy!!! Click the photo (probably high ass hell in it) above to read the full article.

Posted By: Peaches!