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Friday, April 10, 2009

Hell to da Naw: Church vs. Blog!

This is soo trifling! First Baptist "Owns most of Downtown and the City" Church got upset over a blog putting it's bizness out in the open, so they got a subpoena from JSO to find out the name and information of the once anonymous blogger. Not only did they get Google to release the info, but they exposed the guy during Sunday Services! Ain't Sunday Service suppose to be praising the Lord and not flipping peoples' wigs on the pews!! To my fellow blogger and Da Villian, keep strong, because apparently you were telling the truth to get the all hot and bothered like that. Hell I always felt strange about FBC and this confirmed my suspicions. Why they couldn't pull a Beyonce and have their Father send a letter with a hint of their Momma's root powder asking them to stop their hate! Plus no wonder Da Ville crime is out of hand, JSO is too busy to stop murders cause their surfing the web for blogs talking about churches! All I got to say is let FBC try Fierocia, cause we will get loud like coins in a metal offering plate. Read the full article here.

Posted By: Peaches!