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Friday, April 10, 2009

Wish I Was There: Riverside Arts Market!

Okay me and Skittles usually makes it to the hotness in The Ville and The Riverside Arts Market was right up our alley. Well the day was planned out, me and Skittles, on our kick to lose some weight before his Bday, planned on walking the Riverwalk from the Landing to the market. Well what had happen was, we got to the Landing and walked the Riverwalk, but by the time we got to the Market, they were cleaning up. So no Arts for us, but we will go one Saturday and see what the buzz is, since it's the only thing every Ville blog is talking about! So this Saturday make a trip to the Riverside and check it out, and maybe me and Skittles will finally get there to in time. Check out more info after the jump. Check it out here!

Posted By: Peaches!