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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Destination Downtown = Destination Fun!

Okay, me and Skittles has seen and heard of this weekly event, but since I work nights,never had the chance to check it out. If you don't know what I am talking about, here is a video on the launch explaining about it: So since I was off this Friday for Good Friday and a good friend of ours was in town, I deceide to show off the town and give Skittles an early Bday party. Well here is the T, one DO NOT TEXT for the password unless you want to get into Twisted Martini (which was soo not hot, as explained after the jump!) or want hundreds of random junk texts sent to you even after you request them to stop. Also even though parking in the special garage is a dollar, being use to downtown, I found free parking right all round Bay Street. Now the main De gaga, The clubs, broken down after the jump. Let me rank them from the booty to the bootylicious:
The Bootleg Club: Twisted Martini

First of all the courtyard of the Landing was popping with Patti Labelle Jr. belting out on stage, I almost forgot why we walked all the way from the hot clubs to here. Before we got to Twisted Martini, all the other clubs didn't give a damn about passwords or texts and just let you in with ID, so we were shocked when Twisted Martini was taking money for covers. So with the cell filled with texts, I thought I had no problem, but they wanted each person in my party (2) to have it on their cell too (which was not mentioned on any part of the website). I was like hell naw, because it was not bumping when we arrived around midnight, plus it was soo packed. I was not about to let my friends or me pay to feel like a sardine jamming to Billboards bottom 500 hits. Twisted Martini's thought they had me twisted.

The Snobby, but damn I want to go club: Mark's

At first glance, Mark's didn't match the hype I heard about it, but after coming back and deciding to go in, it looked pretty hot. I knew about their strict dress code and even though me and my crew keep right and tight, I still called them to verify the dress code and knew we were good. Well before we could even pull out our IDs, the bouncer said Skittles' jeans were too baggy. Okay, trust, If Skittles jeans were any tighter he would be wearing denim paint. Plus my pants were looser, but there was no issue with me, so we wasn't going to leave Skittles so we passed. But even after what seemed trifling, we all still kind of wanted to check it out. Next time skittles will go in a tux and make them gag.

The not my style that night club: Mavericks

Don't get me wrong, I love me some country too (I do live in The Ville) but we wanted to shake somethings and break somethings and Mavericks wasn't the place that night.

The need to find out what the hell is going on club: TSI

Did go because it wasn't apart of the event, but as we traveled down Bay Street, we couldn't help notice the wild and crazy crowd outside TSI. Will have to go one night and find out.

The perfect chill spot: Dive Bar

Even though the music didn't move us like we wanted, after walking around downtown, it was the perfect place to chill and soak up some atmosphere. The furniture and decor was fierce, in fact we decided that we will have to have a room in the house like it. It will soo be our pre club spot and the people watching (women shaking it up in a wheelchair on the dance floor!) was prime.

The Hotter than Hot club: The Ivy

We have found our new spot. I didn't know what to think of the Ivy at first, it seemed like a simple club with busy bar and alot of unused space. So we got some drinks chilled and left to check out the other clubs. But when we came back the jams were pumping, The DJ was playing all the hot old skool joints and had us dropping it like it was on firyah. The staff was friendly and the bouncer was nice and cute as well as helpful. The crowd was just like I like them, diverse, sexy, and know how to break it down on the dance floor. The drinks were done right and tight and after a few we were electric sliding, grinding, and popping it til close. I haven't had that much fun since my first night at the Pearl. My only con was the AC had to be found, but once found, it was the spot after all the dancing. So if it's Friday and you're Downtown, find us at the Ivy.

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