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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Avenues Mall is not Your Walmart Bitch!

Me and Skittles was doing my favorite thing before, well second favorite thing, having lunch at the Avenues Mall food court. It's the perfect place to people watch and get a good view or the hotties or queens shopping. Well while eating and checking out a fine as papi who was scooping me the moment I walked in, when I saw the fuckary. I women was pushing her baby in a Sears shopping cart pass us. She was not in Sears or going towards it, but she was walking as if she was in the aisles of Walmart going about her day like it was nothing. I was taken aback at the ghettoiness of it. It is bad enough that Sears thought the idea of shopping carts in their department store wouldn't make them look more sad and further prevent me to be caught dead in one. But this bitch and the countless other people in the past feel it is right to push a shopping cart through the mall. I mean do you expect other stores to allow you the knock over their nice shit with your sears cart the is designed to move around their shop. Or do you leave it outside the door and allow everyone to wonder why in the hell is it there or some poor soul who is forced to work at Sears to walk through the mall to find it. All because your lazy as didn't want to carry your bags and child at the same time. If that was the case, rent a damn baby cart or better yet buy a baby carriage from Sears or Walmart. Fcuk, buy it and return it when you're done if you have to, anything to not look like a complete ass pushing a Sears cart through the mall as if the rest of the mall is just fancy aisles of Sears. Sears really need to invest in those carts that stop after they pass a spot. It would be hilarious to watch those bitches trying to ride out of Sears and all of a sudden the cart slams to a stop and they go flying! That would make eating at the food court heaven!

Posted By: Peaches!