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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bacardi on the Brain!!

Well, I have to say that last weekend was one of the best weekends I ever had, even though I spent about half of the time drunk, hungover, and recovering from the hangover! I wouldn't have thought Bacardi would have me flippin out but IT DID INDEED! I mean, I only had 4 big shots, and mix drink, and a to-go cup of the stuff. I guess I am a light weight, but luckily I had my boo there watching out for me. At least I wasn't a bad drunk, more of a apologetic drunk or so I was told considering I remember very little about that night out on the town. Next time I will remember these rules: Drink half your limit, Have twice as much salty foods, Have my man with me, and remember that just because the name sounds girly doesn't mean it won't put you on your ass.

Posted by Skittles