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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beyonce and GaGa: Video Phone

Ok! I have just watched what was supposed to be the most hyped, most anticipated, most talked about video this year. I WAS WAITING TO GAG over this video! I WAS READY TO GET MY LIFE over this video! I WAS PREPARED for 2012 chaos from this video! I WAS FEELING LIKE this was going to be "THEE" video to officially close 2009! Well..(sigh and shakes my head in disappointment) I DID NOT GET ANY OF THAT IN ABUNDANCE!!!! WHAT THE F**K was this??? It's bad enough that MTV promised the video and then had us wait a week just to give us 2 Divas in a COLORFULLY LAME ASS Hype Williams video!!! I don't even know where to begin on everything that is wrong about this hot mess. I just can't do it right now, I have to sleep it off. Good day people.

Posted by Skittles

P.S. - The only good thing I can say is that Beyonce looked beautiful.
P.S.S - My boi Brian goes in on the video here - Tea on B
and the YouTube video he mentions is here - Beyonce Dance Moves??