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Thursday, November 19, 2009


OMG! I had to share this with you all. Peaches put me up on game with this series and I am watching it as I type this. COLLISION is a 5 part mini series about a group of strangers whose lives intertwine following a devastating car crash. This mystery not only shows you how their lives are effected by the accident, but recaps moments from their past that may change the final outlook of the story. Okay, okay I know!…. it sounds very familiar. It makes me think of Crash(movie), Babel(movie), and Lost(tv show) all thrown together with an English accent. Let me tell you that it has already got me hooked and I’m not halfway through this first episode. I definitely needed this since Lost won’t be on until next year, so check up on it and let me know what you think. It just aired this month on Masterpiece Contemporary and the first episode is online here: Episode 1. Enjoy!

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