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Saturday, November 21, 2009

When I Grow Up, I Want to be this Video!: Janet's "Make Me" GAG!!!

BeyBey & GaGa "Videophone" can officially sit the fcuk down!
Posted by Peaches

YAAAAAAAAASSSSSS MA'AM!!!! Ya'll aint ready for the queen's return, bitches!!! WHAT!!!?? I am catching a plane right now to go slap the shit out of everyone connected to that "Video Phone" fuckery, then sit each one down and make them watch the greatness that is Janet! WOW! This is what I needed to finish this year off right and I am SOO GLAD that she delivered it to me. It was a simple black and white theme, little splash of CGI, fierce dance moves, simple but chic outfits, hot dance track, and Ms. Jackson "giving beautiful face!!!".... AND SHE SLAYED YOU WANNABE DIVAS DOWN TO SIZE!!!
Please take your seats in the auditorium and remember to take notes in DIVA 101 cuz JJ has stepped up to the podium once again to speak!!!! Enough said.
Posted by Skittles

P.S. - If it has been yanked, we will try to find another upload (if you havent found one first!)