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Monday, March 16, 2009

We Suck!

Okay I know its been years since our last post, but it has been crazy these last few weeks. Poor Skittles is still without a computer. I have been busy with work, planning Skittles Birthday trip, and for a week was sick as hell. And now do to a good friend, the last movie, and the upcoming movie, me and Skittles have "Sucked" into the Twilight Saga. Yes I know we're late to the party, but it at a party until the Fierocia Divas are there! But like Edward's stare, these books are hard to break away from. I just finished New Moon and Skittles is about to finish Twilight and I will be at Chamblin's Uptown tomorrow (If not today!) to get Eclipse. Trust, we have alot to talk about on the blog and literally thousands of post to write from craziness at the Zoo to Brit, but as soon as I get some free time, those books be calling me!! So I promise to fight the thirst and drop the book for a moment and post, also we need to work on Skittles computer game, but in this recession we are open to donations! But seriously, if you hadn't read the Twight Saga, you need to get in to it like K rayon Brooks!
Posted By: Peaches!