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Friday, March 27, 2009

We're Bisexual, So What!

I was going to post this awhile ago after reading a post on He was answering a question from a reader who ask if he would ever date a Bi guy. Well you know me and Skittles love us some B Scott and he was real postive and supportive of Bisexuals, but I didn't like how he stated it would be a challenge to satisfy us. This is nothing but the Ricki Lake effect to me. The Ricki Lake effect is what I call the whole story that Bi people have to be with both sexes to be satisfied since it was one of Ricki Lake's most popular subjects. This is so false, if someone is cheating its because they are a cheater, not Bi. I have grown to understand and be proud of my bisexually. But it's soo hard for those like me with this myth around. Gays treat us like we are in the closet or just faking and straight look at us as mence who will spread diease to the innocent or as sex freaks who will stick in anything that moves. And both feel we can never committ unless it's a threesome. It's beliefs like this that kept me ashamed and confused for years and even still unsure how to tell those I love who I really am without the million questions on what I want. To me bisexually means I have been given the freedom to find my soulmate no matter the equipment. Even though I feel I have found that mate with Skittles, if anything is to happen between us (which better not happen cause I love that man!) I know if I fall in love with a women, there will be no difference in they way I love her then I would a man(except for one small thing). When I am with a guy, my mind isn't also craving a women too. I strong feel that sexually is like Kinsey said, a flowing current that isn't one or the other. Me and Skittles might be two guys who on the surface can look either gay as hell or straight who may look checking out the hot guys around town and getting off on lesbian porn. We as a society, gay or straight, needs to stop this hate on one group and embrace the things that connect us. Because we don't need anymore young kids (and adults) crying themselves to sleep because everyone, even the gay ones who they thought understood, looks at them as freaks and wrong and the only image of themself is on a talk show causing drama as the cheating bitch. I want them to know God gave you the most special of gifts, love and a heart to share it with either a man or a woman.

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