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Sunday, March 29, 2009

So Not Cute Anymore: Faux Hawks on Black Men!

I know at first when you saw that fine chocolate brother in the club with that stripe of nap down his head, the first thing you thought was "Damn, I got some regins to hold on to as I ride that!" But now it's just plain wrong. I understand trends and styles and when David Beckham rocks something, it's da bizness. But I thought the beauty of being Black Queens is the starting the trend and being unique. Any episode of Noah's Arc will tell you, if no one is wearing it, a black queen is making it firece. But most of all the black queens I know or see are rocking a faux hawk. I mean damn, just because I am bi doesn't mean I shouldn't get the memo we are coming together under one nappy stripe. Please my tangy fierocia brothas, be the unique chocolatey faeries that you are and left the faux hawk go!

Posted By: Peaches!