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Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Been Awhile, Sorry to Keep U Waiting!

We are finally back bitches! We have been stuck in the spell of the Twilight Saga books and even though Skittles is still a book away, I am finally free. The books are worth the read, especially "Breaking Dawn" which will make an awesome movie(If not bloody!). But speaking of vampires, I saw the funniest and slightly scary story on the news tonight. Well the Boston Latin School had to send out letters to parents to stop fears that vampires attended the school. The rumors and stories of vampires attending the historic school got so crazy that police had to be called to the school. At first I was cracking up on how wild these people imagination are, but I was also still stuck in Twilight mode and it kind of freaked me out. With almuni like Ben Franklin, a school that old can hold some secrets. I always felt that supernatural things can exist and known to those who experience. Who knows if the homecoming king and queen aren't out hunting for blood of those who voted against them! I see Twilight: Boston on the horizon.

Posted By: Peaches!