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Friday, March 27, 2009

I Have Been to Heaven and The Angels call it Whole Foods!

Last weekend me and Skittles finally experienced the wonder and beauty that is Whole Foods. Years of Top Chef and Martha Stewart taught me the Whole Foods was not your normal grocery store. But to see it in person was a different thing. I am such a chef without a resturant and dream not about having a home to raise a family, but to throw dinner parties that give people wet dreams. Not only do they have everything under the sun and on it, their cooked food area is to die for. I know grocery stores now have little salad bars and deli meals to eat in store or out. But Whole Foods is the size of a normal Publix with chees bar, coffee bar, chocolate bar, geleto bar, vegen bar, asian, etc. It's like a food court of a cultured fat bitch like me dreams. But what made it over for me was Creme Brule to go! I almost died! But what amazed me more than anything are the prices. For the freshest items from every point on the planet, the cost was sometimes lower than at Publix. Of course if you're use to Walmart it would be a lot higher, but that's like comparing Goodwill to Gucci. If you're in the Ville, make sure you head down San Jose and check it out, you will not be unhappy.

Posted By: Peaches!


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