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Friday, December 4, 2009

Sit Yo Ass Down!!: Tila Tequila

I'm not going to get into the whole back story because I need this time to go in on Ms.T real quick. Check out the RihRih clip here and then Tila's bullshit rant here and then we can begin!

Wow Tila! Clearly you have some issues with yourself if that clip angered you so much to the point of putting Rih on blast with an alleged herpes story! I mean, are we in middle school now!? At least if you were up to her level or she actually put out some incriminating info on you, then maybe I could see you taking this CHILDISH and ADOLESCENT approach to the situation. So fucking what if she said you had a drink at an AMA event if you didn't!? So fucking what if she said she would put that ass on MUTE if need be!? Hmmmm.. I'm glad somebody finally came out and said it!, and I hope that puts me on your shit list cuz it would be an honor! I mean, do you actually feel better now that you put this alleged info out? Do you really think it's going to break Rih down to size?? You should be glad that she or anyone is still mentioning your name these days, because I thought your 15 min. of fame was over before it began sweetie! And no, I am not a Rih Stan or trying to make her out to be perfect because if she did that shit to you, this post would be about her! I'm just saying that it's pure comedy to me how instead of being a woman and talking to her directly about it, you jumped on the IMMATURE train like so many before you that you claim to hate so much and put out a statement that only makes you look more unappealing than you already are! BRAVO TILA! BRAVO! So now, I'm gonna need you to go and take a power nap (take The Dream with you), wake up refreshed, and start again next year. Have a TERRIBLE NIGHT!!

Posted by Skittles