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Thursday, December 31, 2009

In with the new and hopefully out with the old!

Okay before we let 2009 go in a few hours, I always believe that with the new, something old needs to go. Here are the things that need to go:
5. Leotards or one pieace body suits. It was enough when Madonna old cooch was all over the place in them, but Beyonce had to go and steal that style of all things and left 2009 smelling like sweaty cooch and spandex.
4. Speaking of more duel or re releases or remix albums. Stop being soo damn lazy and just make a new album.
3. Recession anything. If it's over good, if it's not we don't need to hear about it every second. And we don't need rich bitches like Oprah and others constantly letting us know we are poor bitches and need to save by buying ish we couldn't afford when we did have money and it was on sale.
2. The Real Housewives of wherever. I will admit that the ATL wives be giving it to me, but they are neither in their houses or good wives. Just have them as what they really are, slightly rich umemployeed hoes with drama and firece no life gay friends.
1. Unnecessary media coverage of celebrity deaths, cheating famous people, and other things that deserve to be reported on TMZ or Extra and not headline news. I don't need to know how MJ fingernails smelled after he died or what size shoe does #25 of Tiger Woods sex nest wears on CNN or the 6pm news, especially when real things are happening that will affect my life or more importantly my money. A ten second story is carried for ten weeks until the next celebrity does some guttabutt ish. People have died crazy and cheated from the beginning of time, it is not new or needed. I need the media to report some real ass news and get it together in 2010!
Check out some things am looking forward to in the new year.
5.BEP in Da Ville
4. More Real World DC with hot Beta Iota(BI for those in the switch hitter crew) brother Mike and infuriating, but hot as hell Ty
3. Winter Olympics in Canada...EH!
2. Avatar: The Last Airbender...The REAL Avatar Movie!
1. The final season of LOST!!!!

May 2010 bring the a great way!