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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sit Yo Ass Down!!: The Dream

Ok so when Peaches told me about the twitter statements that The Dream released about his Grammy upset, it just kicked up something in my spirit and I had to speak on it. Now!, most of the statements were just unnecessary ramble about how unfair the biz is and whatever else (blah blah blah) he could spell incorrectly, but what got me was these two lines: "GRAMMY Isnt it FUNNY THE BEST ALBUM OF 2009 DIDNT GET ANOMINATION for the second year strait" AND "this aint NO KANYE SHIT..... and yes i am BITCHIN."

Sir, your album sold only a decent 453,000 copies which is not even GOLD status booboo! I haven't seen any promotions or any performances from you at any award shows or television appearances, but I have seen a lot of you on top of Mrs.Milian so you definitely get an award for that! But now I have to take it back since you spelled *straight* wrong! DUH!

With that being said, all the artists in the "Best Album of the Year" actually deserve to be there....
I Am..Sasha Fierce by Beyoncé - 2x Plat. in US and Canada, 3x Plat. in UK
The E.N.D by B.E.Peas - 1x Plat. in US, 2x Plat. in UK and Canada
The Fame by Lady Gaga - 1x Plat. in US, 3x Plat in Canada
Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King by Dave Matthews Band - 1x Plat. in US
Fearless by Taylor Swift - 4x Plat. in US, 3x Plat. in Canada
so I gonna need your "not even certified GOLD" ass to go and take a power nap and wake up refreshed to start again next year!

And with the whole kanye line... if you had to put that at the very end of your statement, then you were clearly on some KANYE SHIT! When did it become a big award competition between artist. Maybe that's why it's a DYING industry because those few big headed artists stop thinking about the music and start concentrating on just winning miniature statues with their names on it. GET A GRIP!!

Posted by Skittles