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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Breezes & Drag Queen Weaves: June is Gay Pride Month!

The White House has announced that June will be Gay Pride Month, following in the historic footsteps of Black History Month, Women History Month and Hispanic Heritage Month. Even with this historic first, some gays are still hating on Obama. I am not saying their complaints aren't valid and shouldn't be voiced. But they need to be in perspective. First of all Obama has been in office a total of 4 to 5 months and even though he has done leaps and bounds compared to other Presidents, he hasn't even finished unpacking. Also he has a ass load of things that need to be done like the economy, the war, health care, etc. So no matter how special we gays are, we are not at the top of the list of issues affecting this country. Yes we want marriage rights and don't ask don't tell to be removed, but Obama is President of the USA and has to represent all of us and even though we know it is natural and needs to be done, there is still those who he has to convince and work with who don't feel the same way. To get rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell he has to still work with the military and deal with negative after effects such as violence against gay members and possible special training and change of environment. Just because something becomes law, doesn't mean everything becomes perfect, look at Black Civil Rights and the fact that Obama as President still has issues to work through 50 years later. Let us celebrate this milestone for what it is, a milestone and the fact that a President actually knows we exist and not as a issue or enemy like the last 8 years. So go out and let your Pride be shown this month so others realize that we are citizens and people too who deserve to be celebrated and not feared. Check out the Official Presidential announcement here.

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