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Monday, June 8, 2009

Fierocia of Music 3008! Black Eye Peas "The E.N.D"

Okay me and Skittles has been riding out to the Black Eye Peas latest club, beach party, car ride, album(don't worry how I got it soo early, just know I got the hook ups!). It took them 4 years and solo albums to come back with the hotness. Not only is this album going to be sound of summer, it will the ish at every club, party, and commercial. The E.N.D. or The Energy Never Dies, doesn't stop with crazy hot beats to keep that ass moving (and car stereos on the brink of explosion, seriously, if you don't have good ass speakers, play at your own speakers risk!), tight lyrics that are ice cold and sometimes hilarious, and full play album(which means you just push play and all the songs are good and groove together so that you don't have to push skip). So tomorrow, 6/9 , the album will drop so go to iTunes, Best Buy, or even better Tar-gay (Target) and get the exclusive Deluxe Edition with videos, 4 bonus tracks and 6 remixes. Check out a track by track breakdown, including bonuses and remixes, after the jump.
1. Boom Boom Pow - If you haven't heard this first single club banger already, you're so 2000 and late
2. Rock That Body - Daft Punk style techno club jam
3. Meet Me Halfway - So 80's Madonna, but with that sexy Fergie soul
4. Imma Be - This song is on constant repeat with tight beats and should have been the first single and will make the perfect Missy remix
5. I Gotta Feeling - Just like the video suggested, this is so the "getting ready to go out and party" joint
6. Alive - Perfect groove jam with that special someone
7. Missing You - Starts out as a soulful trance jam with Fergie and turns into a hot Kanye inspired jam, who would make a great cameo remix
8. Ring-A-Ling - Will be the ringtone on everybody's phone this summer. It's already on mine.
9. Party All The Time - Perfect example of how a song changes two or three times before the end, making it hotter by the minute
10. Out Of My Head - Fergie at her funniest, but sexiest
11. Electric City - My favorite jam with killer beats (literally). My car speakers almost exploded with this jam
12. Showdown - Classic Black Eyed Peas song
13. Now Generation - Even though it's about how spoiled the youth are, this punk style jam will probably be use to sell the very items talked about in the song like ipods and cellphones.
14. One Tribe - The "Where is the Love" joint of the album
15. Rockin To The Beat - You will literally rocking to the beat with this one

Tar-gay (Target) Bonus Tracks & Remixes

Pump It Harder - The BEP know who they remixed this song for, the queens at the balls with this RuPaul inspired remix
Let’s Get Re-Started - This jungle trance remix will have them pulsing at Metro
Shut the Phunk Up - Taking it old skool, this remix will have everyone at the reunion partying
That’s the Joint - This jazz groove remix will have your toes tapping and fingers snapping with your latte
Another Weekend - This Janet style remix is the perfect "get a drink but still get down mid tempo" jam
Don’t Phunk Around - This Kylie style remix will get all the grown and sexy in a party mood
Where Ya Wanna Go - This Prince inspired bonus track will get those sexy 80s moves a 2000 update
Simple Little Melody - Not only do you learn to add, but you also discover that bonus track with robotic voices and beats can be simply hot
Mare - For all the sexy Filipinos out there, Apl provides on this bonus track that Pitbull isn't the only one who can get that ass shaking
Don’t Bring Me Down - Only song I see why its a bonus. Good song, but doesn't match the hotness of the rest of the album