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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Over Werked?: Ciara's Work

Okay, like every queen out there, I live for a fierce video that will have my ass trying to recreate all the hotness(in the privacy of my home without cameras, so I won't be cracked on by some blog like mine). There is Bey's "Single Ladies", Brit's "Slave", and Head Diva and first fierce video Janet's "Pleasure Principle". Well CiCi, who is no stranger to fierce videos, latest is for one of the only few hot songs on her lukewarm album "Fantasy Ride" (which comes free with a two piece). I might be the odd one out, but I was not feeling it. It seemed too over done. It looks like she was trying to outshine Bey with a 50 cent flashlight from Family Dollar. Don't get me wrong, I am no soldier for the army of Bey, but I do admit she brings the Diva fierceness in her videos. And if anyone out now could out shine her, it would be CiCi, who was bring fierceness from the beginning. But ever since Bey busted out with "Single Ladies" and "Diva", CiCi seems to be too busy trying to out Bey Bey. CiCi, baby, stick to the fierceness that makes you hot. Before there was no comparison between you and Bey, but now all the comparisons are not in your favor. Take a moment, re group, and come harder next time. CiCi check out some videos where you really shined after the jump and take notes.Click here for CiCi's world to watch her videos since she want to keep her hotness to herself.