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Friday, August 7, 2009

RIP: Worman's Bakery & Deli

A Jacksonville icon since 1938, Worman's will be no more on August 8. The owners say that they can't wait anymore for the new courthouse to be built next door. I have never eaten there before, but heard countless people rave about this place, especially my mom. I sometimes pass it and cars will be wrapped around the corner and made me want to see what I was missing. Check out the full story here at the FTU. But what I don't understand is why now? I know the courthouse has taken a decade to start, but they were making money and dealing with it. But now that they are actually building it and it will be finished in a year or two, now they want to close?! Maybe it's stunts and shows, cause they planned to close years ago and their customer's stopped them. Maybe they just need some love. Me and Skittles will have to hit it up just in case.