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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Forgive Me RihRih!

Yes, I know he is a woman beating, bootleg ass apologizing, thinks he is MJ 2008, low life, but Chris is given it to me in this video. All ya know if he never went Ike on RihRih, ya'll would be shaking it in the club like a crackhead on their last rock to this hotness! Plus even with Lil Wayne germlin ass fucking up the video with his face and dried out KFC grilled chicken chest, Chris was bring that sexy full frontal. Is he finally 18 so I can tear that ass up and then kick it?!
Posted by Peaches

I have to say that while Chris was giving me his sexy twang "how ur doin? pops and lock on dat ass, I wasn't feelin any other aspect of the video or the song for that matter! It must have been a unworthy song that was supposed to go on the Transformers soundtrack and has since been decided to put it on his album. Peaches will be shakin it up by himself with this ish, but I agree with hittin it and then kickin it to the curb!
Posted by Skittles